The Uroboros festival explores what and how we can design in these troubling times to support positive change. The festival is part of the #DATAMAZE project.

The 2020 festival program includes 4 days of online workshops, performances, LARPs, distributed salons, games, discussions, remote co-cookings & drinks, and other co-creative experiments initiated by art/design researchers and practitioners from across the globe. 

Covered topics & thematic areas include: more-than-human design, eco-political regeneration, post-growth narratives, post-Anthropocene memorials, food futures, climate wearables, synthetic landscapes, urbanizing the digital, cementics & housing crisis, algorithmic governance, algorithmic poetry, queering binary code, quarantine fiction, filth as non-technology, divination as navigation, psychogeographic driftings, recipe storytelling, and much more. 

All festival events are open to creative interventions by festival visitors. Online participation at the festival is free but spots are limited and reservations need to be made in advance for each event (see the festival program). All events are live-streamed, archived, and will be made available for later viewing. 


The inaugural 2020 festival edition happens online, accommodating the non-negotiable conditions of our current global troubles. Next years’ festival format might be different, depending on what we are facing at the time.

The 4-day online festival is accompanied by an exhibition installed in DOX Centre for Contemporary Art (Prague, Czech Republic). The exhibition can be visited virtually (link) and someday perhaps also physically at the DOX Centre (show map). DOX is a 3000 m2 multi-functional space located in a reconstructed factory in Prague’s Holešovice district that has been included in the best 1000 architectural projects in the Phaidon Atlas of 21st Century World Architecture. DOX’s program is articulated primarily through art and design projects incorporating critical reflection on current social and political issues. The Uroboros festival is part of DOX’s #DATAMAZE project, an evolving exhibition combined with a workshop and library that have been opened since June 2018. 

The Uroboros festival is curated by ALTTAB. The production of the Uroboros rotations is generously supported by many good people from DOX and beyond.